Ingenios Health: Improving Health Through Intelligent Prevention

At Ingenios Health, we’re improving health through intelligent prevention. We deliver personalized preventive care through technology-enabled engagement, assessment and coordination. Our comprehensive on-site health assessments are the building blocks for a highly engaged and healthier population.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”

~ Galileo Galilei

We leverage the data captured in our on-site health assessment to go beyond risk adjustment and provide personalized recommendations for a range of preventive services – from remote monitoring of chronic conditions, to closing gaps in care, to simple point-of-care labs and tests. We understand that healthcare is personal and an individual’s healthcare experience should be too.

Prospective Health Assessments

HEDIS Gap Closure

Personalized Preventive Care Plans

Our results speak for themselves.

return on investment (from prospective risk adjustment alone)

Stars measures addressed


of targeted members yield completed assessment

A tailored member experience.

We understand that people are unique: their health status, their wellness goals, their gaps in care, their healthcare needs. That’s why we’ve built our proprietary E-geniostm technology platform that tailors our service delivery model based on the individuals we serve.

Our proprietary mobile application enables modular health assessments, response-triggered questions and consequently, a highly accurate and timely data set. Our technology provides rules-based recommendations to help clinicians identify asymptomatic diagnoses and gaps in care at the point-of-care.

Our E-geniostm platform was developed by our in-house technology team from the ground up to deliver on-site preventive services, starting with prospective health assessments.  Every service is uniquely optimized, yielding better engagement, higher quality assessments and ultimately, a higher value service.


Technology = full transparency + actionable data.

Our service delivery model is 100% transparent and reported in real-time.  Check on the status of members awaiting initial outreach, services rendered or refusal reasons, for example – all in real-time.

Let’s break down the information silos.  Our health assessments capture data valuable to multiple stakeholders, from revenue management to the quality team to the primary care team and case management. With our technology, we’re able to tailor the format of the data to meet the needs of each stakeholder.  A higher quality data set, available quickly to decision makers enables more informed actions.



We believe better health begins at home.

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