Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I have a comprehensive health assessment?

An annual comprehensive health assessment is beneficial for several reasons. It can help identify problems with your current medical care, and also help to find opportunities for future prevention. It informs your doctor about many aspects of care that they may not be aware of, and helps your insurance company offer you services that are tailored to your personal health needs. Most of all, it’s a chance for you discuss your health needs one on one with one of our licensed healthcare providers.

Who is Ingenios Health?

Ingenios Health provides in-home and facility-based comprehensive health assessment on behalf of insurers, accountable care organizations, hospitals and other provider networks. We visit thousands of individuals in their homes each year to assess their current health needs and wellness opportunities.

Why did Ingenios Health contact me?

You were contacted by Ingenios Health because your insurance plan asked us to do so.  Many insurance plans choose to offer free comprehensive health assessments to their members as a benefit, and to make sure that their members are receiving the care that they need.  Ingenios Health provides these services to the members of many different health plans, including yours.

What is a comprehensive health assessment?

A comprehensive health assessment is a visit with an Ingenios Health provider that is dedicated to assessing your total health needs. This includes identifying any risk factors you might have, assessing any medical conditions you may be dealing with, reviewing any medications you may be taking, even discussing non-medical factors that can affect your health like transportation needs or housing conditions. A comprehensive health assessment addresses all aspects of your health and wellness.

I've already had an annual physical this year. Why should I also have a comprehensive health assessment?

Because the comprehensive health assessment is such a broad and complete approach to your health needs, it can often identify issues that are missed at an annual physical. During the Ingenios Health comprehensive health assessment, you have the full attention of two clinicians for up to an hour! Plus, since the assessment can be conducted in the convenience of your own home, we’re able to identify possible fall hazards or other household issues and help you get the assistance you need.

How much does the comprehensive health assessment cost?

The health assessment costs you nothing – it is a benefit provided to you by your health plan free of charge.

Before the visit:

What should I do to prepare for an assessment?

Your Ingenios Health comprehensive health assessment will run as smoothly as possible if you do a little bit of preparation.  Prior to an Ingenios Health team member visiting your home, please gather the following items:

  • ​Your insurance card and identification
  • Any paperwork you have that demonstrates your medical history – this includes documents from recent doctors visits and/or procedures and surgeries that you have had
  • Bottles of any medications that you are currently taking or have recently stopped taking
Can a family member be present during my assessment?

Yes, you are welcome to have a family member present during your visit.  Our Ingenios Health team members will be happy to answer any questions that either of you might have.

If another person in my household has the same insurance as me, can they get an assessment too?

If a spouse or family member living with you has the same health insurance, it is possible that they too are eligible for a free in-home health assessment.  ​To find out if another member of your household is eligible for a health assessment, please call our toll-free phone number 1-800-681-2590.

During the visit:

What can I expect during the assessment?

During the assessment, the Ingenios Health team will do a variety of things, including:

  • ​Ask you about your medical history
  • Go through your current medications to confirm what you are currently taking
  • Perform a physical exam and mental health assessment
  • Provide you with information about any potential risks to your health
  • Perform any vaccinations or lab work that you are eligible for, if you wish – if you are eligible for these services, they will be offered to you at the time of scheduling the appointment

Who will be coming to my home?

In most cases, two Ingenios Health team members will come to your home.  You will know that they are from Ingenios Health because they will be wearing green scrubs with the Ingenios Health logo on them.  One member of the team will be a Nurse Practitioner, and in most cases, he or she will be joined by a Medical Assistant.

How long does the assessment take?

The length of the assessment can vary depending on your own personal health profile.  You should plan on the assessment taking approximately 45-60 minutes.

After the visit:

What should I do after my assessment?

After the assessment, you should follow up with your primary care physician about any of the health risks that the Ingenios Health team brought to your attention.  You should also follow up with your primary care physicians about any questions or concerns that you have about your health.

What is done with the information after my assessment?

After your assessment, the information is provided to your health plan, so that they can determine whether you are eligible for any additional services, and to ensure that you are receiving the care that you need.

The information from the assessment will also be sent to your primary care physician, including the results of any lab work that you may have received.

Can the results of my assessment impact what I pay for my health insurance?

No, the results of the assessment will never impact what you pay for your health insurance.

What if I have questions after the assessment? Who do I call?

If you have questions about your health or the results of your health assessment, please follow up with your primary care physician.